Metzler was in the spotlight at BRAD PIT

Metzler was founded in 1830 in Paris, then moved to Stuttgart, Germany, in 1911. This historic German company successfully collaborated with another sacred monster of German optics, the famous house Zeiss, whose glasses are mounted on many Metzler glasses, especially from the 1980s. For this reason, in vintage models, you can find “Metzler Germany” engraved on the left stem and “Zeiss West Germany” on the right.

Known for their quality, Metzler glasses have attracted a sophisticated audience. Former German Chancellor Kohl wore the 0768 and 0772 models, which were quickly dubbed “Helmut Kohl glasses”. However, as with Zeiss, the Metzler glasses never made their way among celebrities until 2009, when Brad Pitt wore a vintage model, the Metzler 0256, making the legendary brand one of the most famous fans of fashion, giving it the attention it deserved.

It was a big surprise when we first saw Brad Pit with this famous frame from METZLER sportvision 0256. It is not a common frame, so we can imagine that Brad pit is a lover of vintage glasses or that one of his stylists advised him to wear this magnificent piece. This means that research has been done to find this frame because to date, it has become very hard to obtain. Anyway, we can recognize that Brad Pit to respect the mount and that he knew how to marry it well with his costume.   If we are not mistaken, the METZLER 0256 exists in 4 colors: silver plated, gold plated, silver plated with gold finish and finally in dark brown. Our team will do everything in their power to offer it to you: Yes, we like challenges and find buried treasure.


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