Mythical glasses of Hollywood

5 mythical glasses that have marked the history of Hollywood

Some pairs of glasses have become much more than just fashion accessories. Their presence in Hollywood cult movies has made them unforgettable. Can we imagine Tom Cruise in Top Gun without his Ray Ban or Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in men in black without their Ray Ban?

In this article we will discover these glasses, which have dressed the eyes of actors in the greatest cinematic masterpieces.

5 mythical glasses in cinema:

Let’s start with one of the actresses whose charm and elegance marked the 60s, the iconic Audrey Hepburn. It was in Diamants sur canapé, one of the films that launched her career, that Audrey Hepburn wears a Manhattan by Olivier Goldsmith. The actress wears this pair of glasses and plays them to highlight her tender gaze. 

Next, we can place on the second step emblematic Hollywood glasses, the Ray Ban 3138 Shooter aviator. This pair will be worn by Johny Depp in the burlesque role of Raoul Duke, during the shooting of Las Vegas Parano. The yellow and translucent lenses of these glasses perfectly reflect the light and comic spirit of the character.

In addition to this cult model, Ray Ban will also be in the spotlight in Men In Black. Thanks to their Ray Ban RB2026 Predator, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones will succeed in fighting alien invaders. In addition to their comfort and style, the quality of these Ray Ban will protect you from neurolaser!

The penultimate pair we have selected is the Randolph Engeneering Aviator. It will be worn during the shooting of Taxi driver by Robert De Niro, but will also be worn by Robert Duval in Apocalypse Now.

Finally one of the mythical pair of glasses used on the screen will be the Persol 0714. It will be worn by Steve McQueen in the Thommas Crown case. Steve McQueen, in addition to being an excellent actor, was also a great collector. So much so that 4 years before his death, the actor will sell a pair from his personal collection for 70000 dollars.

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