Our recipe to caring your vintage glasses without product?

Your eyeglass lenses are dirty but you don’t have a degreasing product to clean them on hand? In this article, we’ll give you some homemade tips for cleaning your glasses, and here, no way to clean them with the bottom of your shirt.


The first tip is very simple, just clean your glasses with a little dishwashing liquid or hand soap (preferably neutral).


To begin with, wash your hands.

Then place your glasses under a trickle of warm water. Place a drop of dishwashing liquid or soap on each glass and gently clean your glasses with your fingers. With humidity, there is no risk of micro-scratches on your rights.

Finally, dry your glasses, but BE CAREFUL: do not wear paper towels, tissues or the bottom of your shirt. This could create micro-scratches that would be irreversible. It is best to use a microfibre cloth or a very soft cloth that you can wash and reuse.

Sprays vaporisateurs  vides

In this second tip, we’ll see how to create your own homemade cleaning spray in just 3 minutes.

In a spray bottle (50ml), pour 10ml of white vinegar, 40ml of water and a few drops of tea tree essential oil. This fragrance contains antiseptic agents that do not leave much chance for microbes.

Mix well and hop, the glasses cleaning spray is ready!


By cleaning them regularly and properly, you will extend the life of your glasses and take care of your vision.

BONUS TIPS: Keep your glasses away from heat sources such as the radiator or the dashboard of your car. The heat may deform your glasses and create reflections on the lenses that will be irreversible. It would be a real shame to ruin your mythical glasses that you had such a hard time finding.

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